February 26, 2013
Dirty Speech Snippet

Instead of a First Speech sequel I decided to just do a few one-shots and such from that universe. The first will be an exploration of Peeta and Katniss navigating the different ways in which people express emotional intimacy through physical intimacy. Unsurprisingly, they both have very specific desires and very different expectations for how their physical relationship will play out.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask! Below the cut is a snippet from the first part! Enjoy!

Peeta’s hand rests on my upper thigh, the heat from his fingers seeping through the denim of my jeans causing me to have a hard time focusing on the story line playing out on the massive screen. We are too old to get caught necking in the theater, but I can’ t help myself from staring at the side of his face hoping he will sense my gaze and turn to kiss me.  

He doesn’t though.  

His left hand remains perched on my thigh while the right one keeps diving into the popcorn bucket, feeding his face. Watching him eat shouldn’t turn me on even though it does. The butter from the popcorn has left his lips slick, reminding me of last night when his lips were slick with my arousal. He had grinned up at me from between my legs, proud of himself as I rode out an incredible orgasm. Just thinking about his mouth on me makes me wet.  

I lean over and press a kiss to his jaw line. The muscles underneath the stubble of his skin shift in a smile I can feel against my mouthPeeta turns his head and steals a quick kissHe tastes amazing, salty and buttery from the popcorn, but sweet from the soda he has been sipping on. I try and deepen the kiss but he pulls away with a funny look and nods towards the screen as if to tell me to pay attention to the movie. 

This won’t do.  

All I can focus on is how bad I want him, how much I wish we were back at home, and how Peeta should be just as distracted as I am. Placing my lips right beside his ear, I whisper exactly what I want from him, "When we get home I want you to fuck me hard from behind, lean me over the bed and punish me with your cock." 

"KATNISS!" Peeta turns to face me, eyes wide and nostrils flaring, “We are in public!” With a dramatic twist of his head his eyes are focused back on the screen. His breathing has picked up though, there is a detectable heavy rise and fall of his chest and he has pushed the popcorn to the side.  I’m not sure if he is aroused or mad at me.

What just happened?

  1. keeta-everlark said: **fans self** Whew finally got to read this. I going to guess it’s a mix of anger and arousal - Katniss’s punishment is going to be so sooo good.
  2. marycontrary82 replied:
  3. booronesskika said: I’m just gonna put it out there: Peeta is upset because they’re at a Disney movie, and her naughty words make him feel totally inappropriate and creepy. Am I a little bit right?
  4. i-clone-celebrities said: It sounds wonderful. I can’t WAIT for the rest of it!
  5. wickedlyclever said: Well, damn, why isn’t there more??? I need to see the rest of this scene…and the rest of this fic! I can’t wait! :)
  6. fuckingplebe said: Ack, well now I really need to know if he’s aroused or mad!
  7. panembakery said: You don’t know how excited I am to read this!
  8. loveisallwereallyneedtosurvive said: dead. i am dead. you have killed me. i hope you’re happy
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