October 10, 2012

stutteringpeeta said: Tag! You're it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten blogs and tell them that they are it <3

Okay, so I got this from hotpie too and then accidentally sent it before I finished it…here I go again with attempt number 2…I can’t remember what I put on the other:

1. My hands and feet are freakishly small, I’m not very tall, but still my tiny hands and tiny feet are kind of creepy.

2. I delivered my daughter completely unmedicated and wanted to have a home birth, but Nurse Kismet (my husband) said nope.

3. I adore Pepsi.

4. I’m a cheap drunk.

5. My husband has gorgeous green eyes, but when I met him he was wearing blue contacts, I asked him what color his eyes actually were and he said, “They can be whatever color you want them to be.” I then proceeded to marry him.

5. I abhor iced sweet tea, but when I drink hot tea I add a spoonful of sugar.

6. I ship Everlark, but when I fantasize about a THG character it is always Gale who I entertain myself too.

7. I could live off of sourdough bread and brie.

8. Ben Kweller’s album, Sha Sha, accurately depicts my life as an undergrad.

9. The only reason I attended graduate school was because I was 20 when I finished my B.S. and terrified of joining the real world.

10. My patronus is a black lab.

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